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Jayson's bio

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Jayson's bio Empty Jayson's bio

Post by Jayson on Mon Apr 21, 2014 8:30 pm

Name: Jayson
nickname: Jay (Though he allows very few to call him that)
gender: Male
age: 16
hair color: Blond
skin tone: pale
eye color: Blue
Personality: Kind and quiet, a little shy and wary of strangers. Extremely passive unless someone puts him or his friends in danger. Sensitive and can be standoffish when angry.
characteristics: Some would say he's not that bad looking, often wears jeans with a white hoody, and converse. He often has his hood up when he's out in public to cover his long hair.
History: He never knew his parents and have been in foster care and abusive homes for most of his life. Because of this he had to learn how to defend himself and became quite a capable fighter at a young age, though he preferred to avoid conflict. Eventually it got so bad he ran off on his own, only to be stuck into another home. Some have even reported him being involved with a gang or two at one point, though no evidence of such behavior has ever come forward. Often he can be found wandering the streets and trying to avoid going home at all costs.
weakness: sensitivity
Strengths: courage, decent fighter, secret.
siblings: None
family: unsure
Secret(s:- Jayson is a magic user, though he keeps that tightly under wraps as it's been a source of pain for him in the past and has been one of the reasons he was not easily accepted in the abusive homes. According to the type of magic user he is he has been known to some, including himself, as the the heir of The Moon Goddess.
girlfriend/boyfriend: No
Kids(yes no): No
how active will you be? 1-10: 7

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Jayson's bio Empty Re: Jayson's bio

Post by Emma Lynn on Mon Apr 21, 2014 8:36 pm

Accepted! (:
Emma Lynn
Emma Lynn

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