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Emma Lynn | Vampire | 19

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Emma Lynn | Vampire | 19 Empty Emma Lynn | Vampire | 19

Post by Emma Lynn on Sat Jan 21, 2017 12:28 am

☪️ Emma Lynn ☪️

♀ | 19 years | ♊️ |
Emma Lynn | Vampire | 19 A6532e122d1e738c145811cad6103d97(What Emma looks like)
<strong> ☪️ Personality Benefits / Detriments ☪️</strong>
<br />Clever / Determined / Calm /Efficient / Creative / Shy / Mis-trust / Indecisive / Nervous / Troublesome<br /><br /><br /><strong><font size=[/img]☪️ Physical Facade ☪️

Size / Attractive / Agile
Strength / Eyes

☪ Life History ☪
Emma lived a long peaceful life with her family of 12, mother, father, 2 older brothers, 2 sister in laws, 3 nieces, 3 nephews (vampires on here can have children) we live in a large house, where we all live in harmony. Mother and father and all of us spent our day in the castle, us children would play as we please, but we always had enemies though they never seemed to attack. It was odd really but we didn't complain, until one day, they raided and killed everyone she ever loved, leaving her, and her grandfather as the last two remaining of Grayson’s ROYAL bloodline. [I was lazy here]

☪ Appearance ☪
Although Emma does withhold some flaws, she’s an attractive young woman, having the perfect shade of olive skin despite being a vampire, along with magnificent oceanic blue/green eyes that change darker or lighter debating on her emotions. Her frame stands at 5’4, leaving her to be able to outmaneuver those whose are larger, and carry more mass than she. Emma has luscious red hair that reaches down to her mid back. Emmas’ attire is long flowing silk like gowns with peasant tops, by her dresses many could tell she was higher classed, however since she no longer lived in the castle, she downgraded in hopes of staying hidden enough to not be noticed by her family enemies. She tends to wear makeup. Although a vampire's skin is flawless, followed with winged eyeliner.  Sometimes, Emma keeps her hair up in a bun or in a ponytail, but usually she will leave it down.

Emma Lynn | Vampire | 19 0ed616b05ba2236698c5cc109ef0ec2b

☪  Miscellaneous ☪

Relationship status : Single

voice : Arianna Grande

Family : Mother: A’lkiah
Father: Eli
Eldest brother: Jackson
Older brother: Caleb
Jacksons wife: Elizabeth
Calebs wife: Kia
Nieces: Katelyn, Aria, and Samantha
Nephews: Kyle, Corbin, and Nathan
Pets: 5 yr old Freisian  named  Gypsy Cobalt, more known as cobalt

Emma Lynn | Vampire | 19 C16739ffdb0dd06ca95c674459f1c28d?AccessKeyId=DC67C251837E15A74011&disposition=0&alloworigin=1 [close up]

Emma Lynn | Vampire | 19 370afc62152cc5db39258a05e19c88fa  [full body]

Nationality : scottish

Language(s) : Emma's’ first and often spoken language is english, she is however fluent in german. She also does have a Scottish accent.

Secrets : born from a royal bloodline, which could cause her to have a very dangerous future if discovered, also hold some powers due to the bloodline including the ability to produce light with her hands and use it as a weapon as well as other things she discovers later in her struggle to survive." />
Emma Lynn
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