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Blake's Bio Empty Blake's Bio

Post by Jayson on Sat Jan 21, 2017 12:58 am

Name: Blake Fox
Nickname: The Fox, or Fox (given by his family). Illusionist.
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Hair color: Blond
Skin tone: pale
Eye color: Blue
Personality: Kind and quiet, at least at first glance, while he does care for others he has little patience for people who betray him, not being afraid to take the morally gray path, if he thinks it will serve the greater good or help his friends. He is a very calculating and patient man, willing to wait until everything falls into it's rightful place before making his move, he leaves nothing to chance. He is clever as well, and has been known to deceive others to get his way, and this carries over into other aspects of his life, with him almost nothing is quite as it seems.
Characteristics: A rather handsome man, no one is quite sure of his true appearance since he so often hides himself behind his illusions. His hair is most often portrayed as long and blond, most often tied back or braided. His stature is a bit smaller than the average man around this area, though he tends not to notice. He often wears a generic shirt and leggings underneath a long, blue and white hooded cloak, which opens at the sides with room for his arms. He also wears a silver cross with a blue stone in the center, which he always keeps on his person.
History: Blake was born on one of the small islands to the North the mainland, the oldest of his siblings. His family were responsible for the spiritual well being of the islands just off the mainland and to that effect he went along with them, learning their ways including combat and a fair amount of healing with various herbs as well as learning how to control; his innate abilities. When he got older he went to the South mainland and advised the Briton chiefs on a fairly regular occasion even though he was still young even by their standards. It was during one of these trips he met one of the first missionaries from Rome who managed to somewhat convert him. On his way back to his island home back in the North he was attacked by a group of vampires. He managed to hold his own until suddenly they stopped and just looked at him. The vampire who was supposedly leading this group then expressed his admiration for Blake's abilities and explained who they were, a noble vampire family who had lost their holdings and had been chased away. After talking with them for a while, Blake decided to help them become royalty over the Northern territories, which would later be known as Scotland, so long as they kept away from the islands just off the coast that were his home. They agreed and thus began his tenure under this noble vampire family, helping them form alliances and leading armies, even assassinating a couple of their rival vampire families on their way to royalty. Then one day they suddenly sent him South to work out an agreement with the Briton chiefs in the South. He went and did what they asked of him, but when he returned he realized that they had broken their agreement with him and had attacked and taken the islands that were his home, taking young people prisoner for feeding. Outraged at this apparent betrayal, and worried for his family, he set about making plans to spring their prisoners and researching a way to end their vampirism and take away their abilities so that the neighboring nobles wouldn't fear taking them off the throne. He even began sending letters to the chiefs in the South. The now royal family caught on to his plans and ambushed him during one of his walks around the courtyard and discretely took him to the Hidden Valley and hid him in a cave, performing a ritual that placed him in stasis where he could think about his betrayal of them, as well as where he would be safely kept until they had need of him again. And now he will soon awaken...
Weakness: Indecisiveness.
Strengths: Courage, Cleverness, Blades
Siblings: 2 both long dead.
Family: All long dead as far as he knows
Secret(s:- Blake can wield a certain kind of magic which allows him to cast illusions mostly on himself making himself appear to be whoever or whatever he wants to whomever he wants. His hooded cloak and gloves in combination with his necklace can allow him to cast huge illusions that confuse all around him, with each piece he puts on his illusions become more powerful and far-reaching. As well he has the ability to transfer kinetic energy through his body and into something or someone else, allowing for seemingly superhuman feats of strength and speed.
girlfriend/boyfriend: No
Kids(yes no): No
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